Roasted Specialty Beans

Lucero Roasted Coffee Beans


  • Country: Brazil, Colombia, India
  • Bag Size: 250gm, 1kg

Notes: Lucero, meaning bright star, shines as the leading blend on offer. Brilliant, bold flavours of nougat, hazelnut and honey, light up every mouthful.

Sweet Peace Roasted Coffee Beans

 Sweet Peace

  • Country: Brazil, Colombia
  • Bag Size: 250gm, 1kg

Notes: Representing peace between two historically conflicting regions, Sweet Peace is a blend of Brazilian and Colombian beans, giving a full bodied, medium acidity cup with highlights of dark chocolate, caramel hazelnut and jasmine.

Three Monkeys Roasted Coffee Beans

 Three Monkeys

  • Country: Brazil, Single Origin
  • Bag Size: 250gm, 1kg

Notes: Our single origin medium roast gives the pleasure of a very clean cup, perfect for an espresso or long black, with chocolate, caramel and hazelnut notes, Three Monkeys is a cheeky trio of delicious flavours.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you offer samples?
  • Yes. We provide samples as either green or roasted beans.
    Do you have a minimum order quantity?
  • Our minimum order quantity is a 60 kg bag.
    How is your coffee priced?
  • Our coffee prices are based on the coffee futures and currency market and change daily.
    What are your shipping costs?
  • Our pricing includes shipping for orders of 8 bags x 60 kg (or equivalent weight) within the Canberra area.
    Do you offer credit terms?
  • Upon successful approval of a credit application we offer terms of 21 Days.
    Do you charge credit card fees?
  • If you are paying before the order ships there is no fee to use a credit card.